Clinician Stigma and Willingness to Treat Those With Sexual Interest in Children


  • Kailey Roche
  • Skye Stephens


The present study examined North American clinician stigma and willingness to treat those with sexual interest in children. Clinicians (N = 101) were randomly assigned to a vignette describing a referral of a client with a sexual interest in children and asked whether they would accept the client for treatment. Vignettes differed in what the client was seeking treatment for (low mood or managing sexual interest) and sexual offence history (no offence history or a contact offence against a child). Clinicians with lower stigma were more likely to accept a referral for a client with sexual interest in children and, in general, clinicians were least likely to accept a referral for a client with a sexual offence against a child looking to manage their sexual interest. Implications and future directions are discussed.