Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Sexual Offending: Theory, Research, and Prevention but not yet published. However, authors are encouraged to make their Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM) available on this page (as described below).

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  • The neuroanatomical bases of pedophilia and the importance of distinguishing genuine vs. acquired pedophilia: A systematic review

    Christian Joyal
  • Ordering of Sexual Offending Matters for Individuals with Child Sexual Exploitation Materials Offenses

    Kelly M. Babchishin, Seung C. Lee, Angela W. Eke, Michael C. Seto
  • Unraveling the Neuropsychological Underpinnings of Self-regulation Problems in Child Sexual Offenders: A Look into Reinforcement Learning

    Tineke Dillien, Inti A. Brazil, Bernard Sabbe, Kris Goethals
  • Sexual Harassment and Coercion in German Academia: A Large-Scale Survey Study

    Merle Hoebel, Ana Durglishvili, Johanna Reinold, Daniel Leising