Article Types

Research Article

The main article type published in SOTRAP are research articles (qualitative or quantitative), which should aim to present new methods, data, (treatment, assessment, and/or risk management) concepts, or theory. Research articles should follow the recent edition of APA publication.

Review, Meta-Analysis

SOTRAP also publishes systematic reviews and meta-analyses. These papers address a specific question with importance to the respective field and must be based on scientifically sound empirical studies. The review presents a synthesis of relevant studies based on a strict protocol in which methods for identification, categorization, analysis, and aggregation of evidence are clearly defined. Authors are encouraged to refer to internationally established guidelines for conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses (such as, for example, the PRISMA-statement or the APA reporting guidelines).

Brief Research Note/Article

SOTRAP would like to encourage authors to submit relatively brief research notes or articles (e.g., brief methodological discussions, criticisms, or comments about previous articles, theoretical models, treatment approaches). This article type should not exceed 2,500 words of text, with an abstract of not more than 150 words, no more than 15 references, and a combined total of no more than 6 tables or figures.

Clinical (Case) Report/Study

A main aim of SOTRAP is the scientific discussion and dissemination of new clinical approaches, techniques, and ideas. Therefore, we would like to invite authors to submit clinical reports about such new treatment, management, or assessment approaches, models, or techniques. These reports should also follow the recent edition of APA publication guidelines. Similarly, single case reports of high interest are also suitable for publication; single case reports should be written as concisely as possible and should consist of not more than 2,500 words if possible.

Book Review

Book reviews are an opportunity to provide the readership of SOTRAP with a brief but critical overview of the main arguments of a – usually a recently published – text. Book reviews provide a commentary of the book, rather than just a summary and allow the author to state their opinion on the work in question. Book reviews by their very nature should be relatively short, should not generally exceed 1,000 words if possible, and should as well follow the recent edition of the APA publication guidelines. For further information see the SOTRAP Book Review Guidelines or contact the book review editor of SOTRAP (Karen Harrison, UK).