Adult-as-Schoolgirl Sexual Fantasies: Investigating Their Relationship With Sexual Interest in Children Within a Male Sample


  • Maja Henek
  • Ross M. Bartels


Theory and research indicates that sexual fantasies about children are associated with child sexual abuse and the proclivity to engage in child sexual abuse. The present study aimed to add to the literature by examining whether sexual fantasies depicting an adult partner dressed in school uniform are related to a self-reported sexual interest/proclivity towards child sexual abuse. We also investigated whether Adult-as-Schoolgirl sexual fantasies are related to other factors underlying the reason for finding children sexually appealing (e.g. lower self-esteem, the need for sexual dominance, and innocence-related fantasies). The measures assessing each variable were completed in randomized order by 87 community males recruited online (after data cleaning). The results showed significant correlations between Adult-as-Schoolgirl sexual fantasies and the interest in/proclivity to sexually offend against children, as well as sexual fantasies about innocence in general. A direct multiple regression revealed that these two variables statistically predicted Adult-as-Schoolgirl sexual fantasy scores. The present study provides the first indication that Adult-as-Schoolgirl fantasies are linked to the self-reported interest and proclivity in sexually abusing children. Given the correlational nature of these findings, the causal direction cannot be determined. Moreover, the results do not indicate that people with Adult-as-Schoolgirl fantasies will act up these fantasies with a real child. Nevertheless, the findings suggest the need to address the sexualization of schoolgirl uniforms in popular media. Future research should aim to uncover the impact that Adult-as-Schoolgirl sexual fantasies have on actual behavior.